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Saturday, March 13, 2010

GA Genealogy Books

Genealogists! Subscribe and save money Read all of these members as a member of the website of Georgia Pioneers

The following books were written by Jeannette Holland Austin between 1784 and 2007 and are now available to Subscription Members of this website. All books have been registered with the U. S. Copyright Office, Washington, D. C. The sale of these books has been discontinued. Although no plans exist to reprint books written between 2005 and 2007. But wait! The good news is that both old and future books will become part of the website Georgia Pioneers This is good news for those persons tracing their family histories.

1860 Paulding County Census
Abstracts of Georgia Wills
Alabama Bible Records
Atlanta Births 1907-1910
Cobb Citizens
Colonial Georgians
Confederate Dead Database
DeKalb County Probate Records
Fayette County Probate Records
Georgia Bible Records
Georgia Obituaries 1740-ca1935
Georgia Pioneers and their times
Georgia School Graduates
Holland 1000-1988
Internet Ancestors
Jackson County Tombstones
Newton County Births 1888-1904
North Carolina-South Carolina Bible Records
Old Atlanta
The Georgians
The Smith Papers
Virginia Bible Records
Walker County Messenger


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