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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get Acquainted with your Ancestors

Understanding a person's life can be done by observing the details of court house records. The clues are all there. The answers to why he is not found during a specific period of time comes from clues given in old records such as deeds, marriages, tax digests, estates, etc. The tax digests denote how many acres, where located (streams, rivers, creeks), wooded lands which are in essence telling you about the acreage which can be cultivated. Tobacco was a main stay crop grown by Virginians, but the tobacco grown in the fields along the Virginia-North Carolina borders was known to be not as fine as tidewater tobacco. This fact was observed by William Byrd when he surveyed the state lines in the 18th century. It was this unhappy crop which caused these Virginians to migrate into North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Worn-out land caused families to move on into newly opened territories in the thirteen colonies. They moved southward until Indians lands were opened, and then went west into Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. It was all about land.

Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Author
Georgia Pioneers

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