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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fulton County Wills and Estates

Fulton County was created in 1853. In 1857 Milton County (now now Fulton County) included parts of Cherokee, Forsyth and Cobb Counties. Milton was named for John Milton, Georgia's first Secretary of State and ws located North of the Chattahochee River (now Fulton County). Fulton was named for Robert Fulton, the famous inventor who experimented with a submarine boat in 1801 in France and built the "Clermont", a steamboat which sailed up the Hudson River in 1807. During the Revolutionary War, Milton traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, and New Bern, North Carolina before moving to Maryland with the official records of the state while Georgia was occupied by the English. Campbell and Milton County merged with Fulton on January 1, 1932. At this time Roswell was ceded from Cobb County. Early settlers: Laughlin Arendall, Stephen Aldredge, Washington Archer, Aaron Alexander, George H. Brown, Michael Bloomfield, William L. Baldwin, F. N. Chisholm, James Campbell, Meredith Collier, Frederick Deckner, Reuben Dunning, Jerry Freeman, James Franklin, William Gray, Solomon Hopkins, William Hill, Willis Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Thomas Kennedy, Benjamin King, Alexander Luckie, Aaron Merriam, Aaron Nunnally, Basil Overby, Poole, Ephraim, Joseph Robinson, Welcome Sparks, James Turner, William Underwood and Samuel Walker.

Fulton County, Georgia Wills and Estates (digital images and abstracts) added to largest Georgia Genealogy Website.
The following records have been added to See what is available for Fulton County Records

* Fulton County Wills 1854-1882
* Index to Fulton County Will Book A, 1854-1882
* Index to Fulton County Will Book B, 1882-1894
* Index to Fulton County Annual Returns, Bk A, 1854-1861
* Index to Fulton County Annual Returns, Bk B, 1861-1865
* Index to Fulton County Annual Returns, Bk C, 1866-1888
* Index to Fulton County Inventories and Appraisements, Book A, 1854-1866
* Index to Fulton County Inventories and Appraisements, Book B, 1866-1883
* Index to Fulton County Miscellaneous Estates 1870-1935
* Index to Fulton County Indentures of Apprenticeship 1899-1913
* Fulton County Marriages from newspapers 1869-1906
* 1941 Atlanta City Directory (partial neighborhood)

Atlanta Births 1905-1910
Atlanta Births 1886-1889

Miscellaneous Will & Estates Images

* Kennedy, Thomas, LWT (1860)
* Long, Lunsford, LWT (1883)
* Rosser, Isaac, Estate (1864), image of original documents

Old Atlanta by Jeannette Holland Austin
Nancy Creek Church Minutes and Memberships 1824-1833 (this was once in old DeKalb County)

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