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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Colonial Footprints of Georgians

When colonials came to the American colonies, they left family and friends in England. Many of the first adventurers and settlers had connections in England. For one thing, they had a factor there, a company who handled their financial transactions in the business of importing and exporting goods to and from the American plantations. During the 17th century, a well known factor was The London Company and some of their transactions were published in a book by that name. During the 18th century, there was the Hermitage London Co. We learn the names of such firms by reading the lengthy colonial wills. In Savannah, colonial residents filled up the will books with wills spanning from 30 to 50 pages! These details are of much interest to the historian who learns of a whole way of life. Indeed, colonials had an impressive knowledge of business and handled every facit of it with the expert assistance of neighbors and associates at home and abroad. Every plantation was an expansive agricultural business which provided the community with its economy.

Jeannette Holland Austin, author of over 100 genealogy books
Georgia Pioneers

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