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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Appling County Wills and Estates

Appling County Databases Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Appling County Estates, Guardianships,Vouchers, etc. 1856-1879 (images of documents) - Index to Names - Abbott, John S.;Bell, Sarah A., minor;Bell, Mary A., Minor;Bennett,Martha, John S.;Boatright, C.;Burns, A.;Carter, George;Carter, Isaac;Carter, Jacob;Carter, James;Carter, Jesse;Carter, John;Carter, Nancy;Carter, Paul;Carter, Rutha;Carter, Stephen;Carter, Wiley;Caswell, F. N., heirs of;Colby, Abraham;Cook, Savannah;Courson, minor;Crosby, Silas;Curtis, Paul;Dean, M. M.;Deen, minors;Dodge, C. W.;Douglas, Alexander;Dunkin, John;Dunn, H. C.;Dyal, D. W.;Eason, George;Ellis, John;Floyd minors;Frawley, William T.;Graham minors;Hall, John S.;Hall, Leary Ann;Hearndon, James;Holton, J. G.;Johnson, Daniel;Johnson, Malcolm;Ketterson, Phillip;Lee minors;McGans, Nicholas;McGaully, James, heirs of;Milikin, Joseph;Mims, Joseph;Mincham;Mobley, Solomon;More, Samuel;Nelson, George W., guardian;Nettles, William;Nicholas, Jonathan;Nunez, Hugh;Paterson, William;Quirk, William;Reddick, Isham;Roberts, John, minor;Robinson, Frank;Robinson, George;Robinson, John;Robinson minors;Sellers, Drucilla, minor;Skidwood, Nancy;Spence, Joshua;Surrency, Allen P.;Surrency, H. W.;Taylor, Burrell;Taylor, Isaiah;Teeter, Charles;Thomas, Sarah;Tillman, James;Tomberlin, Elizabeth Ann;Touchstone, William;Weatherly, Isaac;Westfield, R.;Williams, Lewis;Williams, Noah;Yawn, David

Appling County Estates and Annual Returns, Bk C 1877-1888 (images of documents) - Index to Names - Abbott, J. H.; Boatright, Caroline;Carter, Nellie;Carter, Paul;Carter, tephen;Courson, minors;Crosby, minors;Deen, H. C.;Graham, M.;Hearndon, John;Hollan, John R.;Holton, John R.;Johnson, Seaborn;Robinson, F. M.;Robinson, George W.;Sellers, Lemuel;Sullivan, minors;Surrency, A. P.;Tyer, William;Waters, Dicey;Williams, Lewis

Homestead Records
Appling Homestead Applications 1856-1879 (Images of documents); Exemptions (Images of documents)

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