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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Annual Returns Help Tell the Story

Annual Returns Tell the Story
Even if a person dies intestate, you can still find the heirs. This is done by examining the annual returns for every year until the estate is closed. The first thing which happens is that an administrator is appointed who makes an inventory of the estate, has a sale to sell off the items and subsequently files a return every year thereafter to the probate county in the county which the person died. This return lists all disbursements ranging from funeral expenses to distributions to the heirs which may occur at any time over the period the estate is active. The heirs then give receipts, called vouchers. Examine the expenditures closely. Try to ascertain the identity of the payees. One easy method is a study o f the census records for that county. Some of the heirs are husbands of daughters, so check out these names in the marriage records.

To Members of Georgia Pioneers - I have added indexes to wills and annual returns of most Georgia counties.

Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Author of 100 genealogy books
Georgia Pioneers

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