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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where to Find McIntosh County Records (Digital Wills, etc.)

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers
  • McIntosh County McIntosh Wills 1848-1915 (Digital Images).

    McIntosh County Wills 1848-1915 - Digital Images. This is the oldest Will Book for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records. Most of these wills were submitted for probate during the early 1870s.

    Atkinson, George;
    Atkinson, Phebe; Clark, James M.; Clark, Julia H.;Coglan, Mollie; Cooke, William; Cordone, Frank; Daily, Georgia;
    Dunham, John; Faries, Ann Francis; Gignilliat, Robert;
    Handy, Jacob;Hawes, Dysander; Hilton, Thomas; Holmes, Lee;
    Hopkins, H.;Jackson, Hamilton;Johnson, William; Konetyko, William;Lassence, M.;McDonald, William; McIntosh, Lachlan;
    Miller, Rosanna; Morison, George S.;Morris, Richard L.;
    Patterson, Jane; Pease, T. P.; Pullen, Charlotte;
    Riley, William; Rostic, David;Ryals, Jabez D.;Ryals, Ruth;
    Sams, Lewis;Schenk, William; Sims, Lewis E. P.;Spalding, Queer;
    Spaulding, Thomas;Stewart, Andrew; Strain, Adam; Thomas, William Madison;Todd, Henry; Todd, Mary Ann; Tyson, Anna R.;
    Wallace, Martha D.;Wallace, William J.; Wilson, Samuel W.;
    Wilson, W. A.;Young, James M.

  • McIntosh County Estates 1887-1914 (Digital Images).

    McIntosh County Estates 1887-1914 - Digital Copies. This are the oldest Estate Records available for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records.

    Bromley, Theodore C.;Brown, John;Burrel, John H.;Christopher, Johann;
    Clark, Julia;Clark, Mary;Davis, Irvin;Dean, James;Delegal, Hamilton;
    Dunham, John;Faries, Ann Francis;Fennell, C. E.;Gronovald, R. T.;
    Hawes, Lysander; Holmes, James;Holmes, Lee;Holmes, Susan;
    Hunter, James;Hopkins, H.;Jackson, Janne;Jossley, John D.;
    Long, George W.; Malcolm, John;McDonald, Elisha;Moye, C. B.;
    Muller, John;O'Brien, James; Parnell, Frank;Payne, W. H.;
    Pinkney, Emma;Poppell, E. R.; Ryals, Jabez D.;Reid, Cato;
    Sinclair, E. C., Mrs.; Singleton, Richmond;Thompson, M. B.;
    Thorpe, Josiah;Todd, Mary Ann;Townsend, Joseph E.;Walker, Joseph A.;
    Wilcox, John D.;Wing, D. B.; Wooten, F. M.;Wylly, Sarah

  • Darien. Earliest Settlers to.
  • Darien Land Grants.
  • Darien 1871 Coast Survey Chart.
  • Map of Sapelo Island.
  • 1892 Darien City Directory.
  • McIntosh County Cemeteries.
  • McIntosh County Cemetery Locator.
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