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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where to Find Appling County, Georgia Wills and Estates

No wills or estate records pre-dating 1900 for Appling County survived. Researchers should also research Bacon, Charlton, Clinch, Echols, Jeff Davis, Pierce, Ware.

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Appling County Estates, Guardianships,Vouchers, etc. 1856-1879
(images of documents)
- Index to Names - Abbott, John S.;Bell, Sarah A., minor;Bell, Mary A., Minor;Bennett,Martha, John S.;Boatright, C.;Burns, A.;Carter, George;Carter, Isaac;Carter, Jacob;Carter, James;Carter, Jesse;Carter, John;Carter, Nancy;Carter, Paul;Carter, Rutha;Carter, Stephen;Carter, Wiley;Caswell, F. N., heirs of;Colby, Abraham;Cook, Savannah;Courson, minor;Crosby, Silas;Curtis, Paul;Dean, M. M.;Deen, minors;Dodge, C. W.;Douglas, Alexander;Dunkin, John;Dunn, H. C.;Dyal, D. W.;Eason, George;Ellis, John;Floyd minors;Frawley, William T.;Graham minors;Hall, John S.;Hall, Leary Ann;Hearndon, James;Holton, J. G.;Johnson, Daniel;Johnson, Malcolm;Ketterson, Phillip;Lee minors;McGans, Nicholas;McGaully, James, heirs of;Milikin, Joseph;Mims, Joseph;Mincham;Mobley, Solomon;More, Samuel;Nelson, George W., guardian;Nettles, William;Nicholas, Jonathan;Nunez, Hugh;Paterson, William;Quirk, William;Reddick, Isham;Roberts, John, minor;Robinson, Frank;Robinson, George;Robinson, John;Robinson minors;Sellers, Drucilla, minor;Skidwood, Nancy;Spence, Joshua;Surrency, Allen P.;Surrency, H. W.;Taylor, Burrell;Taylor, Isaiah;Teeter, Charles;Thomas, Sarah;Tillman, James;Tomberlin, Elizabeth Ann;Touchstone, William;Weatherly, Isaac;Westfield, R.;Williams, Lewis;Williams, Noah;Yawn, David

Appling County Estates and Annual Returns, Bk C 1877-1888 (images of documents) - Index to Names - Abbott, J. H.; Boatright, Caroline;Carter, Nellie;Carter, Paul;Carter, tephen;Courson, minors;Crosby, minors;Deen, H. C.;Graham, M.;Hearndon, John;Hollan, John R.;Holton, John R.;Johnson, Seaborn;Robinson, F. M.;Robinson, George W.;Sellers, Lemuel;Sullivan, minors;Surrency, A. P.;Tyer, William;Waters, Dicey;Williams, Lewis

Homestead Records

Appling Homestead Applications 1856-1879 (Images of documents); Exemptions (Images of documents)

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