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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost Generations

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County Records are Still the Prime Resource by Jeannette Holland Austin

Family researchers, nothing has changed. We still need to search the county records where our ancestors resided. More information will be gleaned here than anywhere else. Think about your own current life-style. When you purchase a home, a deed is recorded in the county where the house is located. The purchasers and sellers current county of residence is noted at the top of the legal description...something like this....John Smith of Fulton County, Georgia. That gives you where that person formerly resided and another place to research. The details of the legal description provide the location. County tax maps provide details such as district numbers and land lots. You can zero in on the location that way. Then use a county map to search for old cemeteries in the area. When you get married, that record is also filed at the local court house. Wills, guardianships, administrators, etc. provide a great deal of information. Even if a person dies intestate (without a will) there are all sorts of documents available, such as receipts, vouchers (of distributees), names of heirs in the annual returns, inventories, etc. This is why we peruse all of the estate indexes in the probate office. Minutes of the Inferior Court also list wills and estates which have been presented for probate. I have provided a number of Georgia county indexes to estate records on the website Georgia Pioneers to help you as well as digital images of county wills and estates. See names in Georgia Wills

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New Additions to Georgia Pioneers

Douglas County Will Books B & C 1870-1916. (images). Names of Testators: - Abercrombie, William, Allen, George, Angle, Thomas, Arnold, Mary Annelia, Arnold, Willie, Banks, E. M., Blair, Columbus, Blanchard, Mary A., Blanchard, Thomas, Blanchard, T. J., Bomar, Margaret, Bowen, C. P., Bowen, Melissa, Breed, Nathan, Brown, John, Burnett, J. H., Camp, Wilson, Campbell, A. L., Capps, J. H., Carnes, Peter, Carnes, Sophie, Cochran, Edward, Colclough, Arden, Colclough, J. T., Connally, Thomas, Daniell, George, Daniel, H. J., Daniel, Jeremiah, Daniel, M. M., Dempsey, John Allen, Dingler, John F.,Dorris, Frank, Dorris, Martha Elizabeth, Dorris, William, Eargle, John, Enterkin, John, Ergle, V. F., Estes, Reuben, Farmer, J. W., Farmer, Lucinda, Foster, J. S. and L. F., Fountain, J. W., Gaines, Nannie, Gattis, W. W., Geer, Stella, George, John, Hagan, W. S., Hamby, Newton, Harding, H. L., Mrs., Harding, J. W., Hatchett, Josiah, Helman, T. H., Henderson, W. W., Henley, Tallulah, Hensler, Miles, Hindman, W. W., Hodge, Patterson, Hollis, Josie, House, Wiley T., Howell, William, Hunt, Thomas G., Irwin, F. M., James, C. W., Miss, James, Elizabeth, Johnson, Eulalie Gleason G., Johnston, Richard, Jones, E. F., Kennedy, William, Kilgore, William, Kirby, Charles, Land, Jefferson Howard, Lane, George W., Lane, Jefferson Howard, Lassiter, W. J., Leathers, Peter, Loyd, William, Lumpkin, C. C., Mrs., Malone, Burrell, Massey, R. W., McEwen, Alexander D., McKoy, James, McKoy, Mary, McLarty, Alfred, McLarty, D. H., McWhorter, E. B., Miller, Francis, Morris, Mollie, Morrison, F. B., Mozeley, Glenn, Newborn, Mary, Patterson, Hodge, Peace, Daniel, Peave, H. V., Peels, Annie Marcella, Pharr, T. E., Plaster, E. F., Poole, William, Pounds, Daniel, Pray, Ephraim, Prewett, William, Rainwater, J. H., Rakestraw, John, Read, Helen B., Rice, Leah, Rickerson, Williamson, Roberts, A. C., Rudd, A. C., Rutherford, J. W., Sayer, J. A., Scogin, Wylie, Selman, J. L., Sheffield, Rithia Caroline, Smith, Brad, Smith, I. W., Smith, James G., Smith, Moses, Spencer, John,Stamps, B. H., Spencer, John, Stewart, Francis Marion, Stovall, E. T., Strickland, J. T., Swofford, J. W., Tate, James, Thomas, Mallard, Thompson, Lenora, Turner, Samuel, Upshaw, Isaac D., Vansant, Noah, Vansant, Yong, Walden, W. W., Watkins, Henry, Watkins, Reece, Watson, James, Watson, J. P., Webb, J. A.,Welborn, Cordial, White, L. J., White, Richard, Welborn, Cordial, Willoughby, Thomas, Wingo, Nancy, Wood, W. A., Woodley, George M.

Douglas County Wills and Letters of Guardianship 1871-1885 (images). Testators: - Anderson, James B.,Anderson, J. W.,Adair, John T.,Baggett, Stephen,Barnett, William B.,Blanchard, G. F.,Bobo, John, T. A., Breed, Nathan,Bullard, Micajah's orphans,Caldwell, Morgan, Camp, Stephen D.,Casey, Etta J., minor,Conns?, Thomas, orphans of, Daniel, Joseph M.,Edge, John V.,Entrican, John,Entrican, T. A., Farmer, Joseph R.,Freeman, F. M,.Gresham, H. S. and H. W., orphans, Henderson, James H.,Henderson, J. M.,Herring, William J., Higgins minors,Hill, W. P.,Hogan, W. L.,Hough, James M.,Hutchans, Anna, James, Charles J.,James, John,James, Stephen,James, W. M.,James' minors,Johnston, James W.,Lamb, Catherine,Leatherwood, M. E., Liles, Joseph,Loyd, William W.,Maxwell, Mary Ann,McEwen, J. T., McGuire, W. D.,McLarty, Kiser,McLarty, Kiser Orphans,McLarty Orphans, Moore, Jesse F.,Morgan, Eli S.,Mosley, J. S.,Nally, J. B.,Neal, Robert L.,Neal, Robert,Pharr, John W.,Phillips, G. R. and H. C., minors, Reaves, J. M., minor,Rutherford, William,Rutherford, John W.'s Orphans, Scoggins, Wilie,Smith, William B.,Strickland, J. C.,Summerlin, Joseph, Tart, Kiser M.,Umphrey, J. Z., Orphans of,Vandant, Robin,Watkins, A. C.,Wheat, Braswell,White, Wade,Whitty?, E. B.,Wilkerson, F. M.,Winn, F. M.,Winn, G. A.,Winn, Mahala,Winn, William,Youngblood, J. T., minor, Youngblood Orphans

NewNew Additons to Kentucky Pioneers website - Bible Records - Bruce; Collings;Cooper; Graham; Hayden of Franklin County; Park-Richardson;Pedego of Glasgow; Redford of Glasgow;Richardson; Ropke; Steele; Wallace of Louisville

New Additions to North Carolina Pioneers website
Sketches of NC Confederate Generals - General Braxton Bragg, General W. W. Loring; General Leonidas Polk and Colonel Samuel Walkup.
New Additions to South Carolina Pioneers website

Greenville County Wills, Images and Transcripts

Index to Greenville Co. Will Bk 1785-1853

Will Transcripts Added: Arnold, Benjamin, LWT; Barrett, Reubin (1812); Benson, Prue, LWT; Bots, Moon, LWT; Bradley, Abraham, LWT; Chastain, Abraham, estate (1845); Chandler, Joel, LWT; Cox, John, LWT; Crain, Judith, LWT; Crayton, Thomas, LWT; Darrach, Hugh, LWT; Dill, John, LWT (1807); Dill, Stephen, LWT (1839); Dyer, Samuel, LWT; Edwards, John, LWT; Fisher, Nicholas, LWT; Ford, Mary, LWT; Ford, John, LWT; Forest, Jeremiah, LWT; Forrester, James, LWT; Foster, John, LWT; Goodlett, David, LWT; Goodlett, Hiram, LWT; Harrison, John, LWT (3); Hawkins, Joshua, LWT; Howard, Edward, LWT; Howard, John, LWT; Hunt, William, LWT; Janes, Joseph, LWT; Jenkins, Micajah, LWT; Kemp, Richard, LWT; Kirby, Francis, LWT; Langley, Carter, LWT Langston, John, LWT; Lester, Archibald, LWT; Loveless, Isaac, LWT; Machen, Henry, LWT; Mathers, William, LWT; McClanahan, William, LWT (1802) transcrip; McCrary, James, LWT; McVicar, Adam, LWT; Moon, John, LWT (1839), transcript; Moon, William, LWT (1835), transcript; Morgan, Isaac, LWT; Owens, William, LWT; Payne, Isaiah, LWT; Payne, Thomas, LWT; Peden, John, LWT; Peden, John Sr., LWT; Peden, William, LWT; Pickett, Micajah, LWT; Pike, Lewis, LWT, transcript, 1819; Roberts, Hardy, LWT; Roe, James, LWT; Rogers, John, LWT; Sims, Drury, LWT; Smith, Alexander, LWT;Smith, Abner, LWT; Smith, Reubin, LWT; Sparks, Jesse, LWT; Stone, Mary LWT; Tarrant, Benjamin, LWT (1808); Tarrant, John, LWT; Taylor, John, LWT; Thompson, John, LWT; Thackston, William, LWT; Thrasher, Thomas, LWT; Waddill, Edmund, LWT, image (1850); Welch, William, LWT; Wells, Samuel, LWT; Wickliff, Isaac, LWT; Wynne, Matthew, LWT; Young, John, LWT; * Young, William, LWT

Index to Richland County Will Book 1787-1853
(Names are listed here : Adams, Richard; Allison, Andrew; Belton, John; Blanchard, Benjamin; Coon, Casper; Coosmaul, Henry; Daniel, Richard; Dodd, John; Duncan, Mathew; Everitt, Benjamin; Faust, John Henry; Gill, John; Haswell, Robert; Howell, Arthur; Howell, Thomas; Huggins, William; Jackson, Samuel; Kinsler, Christian; Libecap, Mathias; Partridge, William; Ross, James; Rowan, Samuel; Shirling, James; Sledde, Seten W.; Taylor, Mary; Wescott, David; Whitaker, William Jr.; Whitaker, William Sr.; Wimberly, Mary

Index to Richland County Wills, Bk C
--Some will transcripts from Bk C, but not all--

Curry, Jane; Faust, Jacob; Hay, William; Hinson, William; Hunt, James Green; Kelly, Alexander; Kinsler, Daniel; Rives, Herbert; Rives, Robert; Salisbury, Pettigrew; Strange, Henry; Waggoner, Robert

Chester Co. Wills (images and transcripts) - Alexander Archer, Thomas Franklin, John Hitchcock, James Moor, John Rogers, Isaac Sadler, Robert Stewart, John Walker, William Weer

Abbeville Co. Wills & Estates, transcripts - James, Aston, LWT, transcript; Bates, Stephen, LWT, transcript; Bouchillon, John, LWT, transcript; Bowman, John, LWT, transcript; Bowman, William, LWT, transcript; Calhoun, James, LWT, transcript; Collins, Edward LWT (1837); Cowan, Andrew, LWT, transcript; Crozier, James, LWT, transcript; Edmiston, John, LWT, transcript; Gantt, William (1809; Hanks, Luke, LWT, transcript; King, Benjamin, LWT, transcript; Little, William, LWT, transcript; Logan, Andrew, LWT, transcript; Marck, John Balthaser, LWT, transcript; Marshal, John, LWT, transcript; McCarter, Benjamin, LWT, transcript; McElwee, John, John, LWT, transcript; McKee, Marthy LWT (1813); Meriwether, Francis, LWT (transcript;) Mitchell, Isaac, LWT, transcript; Morrow, George, LWT, transcript; Mott, Andrew, LWT, transcript; Mulherrin, Charles, LWT, transcript; Murdoch, James, Estate, 1837 (image) Norwood, Theophilos, LWT, transcript; Paterson, Robert, LWT, transcript; Pettigrew, James, LWT, transcript; Prince, John, LWT, transcript, 1782; Reid, George, LWT, transcript; Robartson, John, Sr., LWT, transcript; Seawright, James, LWT, transcript; Shaw, William, LWT, transcript; Taylor, Thomas, LWT, transcript; Vernon, James, LWT, transcript; Woodin, Rebekah, LWT, transcript; Yeldell, Robert, LWT, transcript

Barnwell Co. Wills, transcripts - Nathaniel Abney; Tarlton Brown (estate); James Collins; William Crossle; David Edward; William Evoritt; Thomas Filput; Robert Hankinson; Christopher Hicks; Robert Lee; Martin Matkinberhide; John Myfser; Stephen Smith; Edward Southwall; John Wood.

Greenville Co. Wills & Estates, transcripts, abstracts - Reubin Bennett; Prue Benson; Moon Bots; Abraham Bradley; Abraham Chastain; Joel Chandler; John Cox;Thomaas Crayton; Hugh Darrach; John Dill; Stephen Dill; Sally Duncan; Samuel Dyer; Jeremiah Forest; David Goodlett; Hiram Goodlett; John Harrison; John Howard; William Hunt; Joseph Janes; Micajah Jenkins;Richard Kemp; Carter Langley; Archibald Lester; Isaac Loveless; Henry Machen; William Mathers; William McClanahan; James McCrary; Adam McVicar; John Moon; William Moon; William Owens; Isaiah Payne; John Peden; William Peden; Micajah Pickett; Lewis Pike; James Roe; John Rogers; Alexander Smith; Abner Smith; Reubin Smith; Jesse Sparks;Mary Stone; Benjamin Tarrant; John Tarrant; John Taylor; John Thompson; William Thakston; Edmund Waddill; William Welch; William Young.

Pickens County Wills, Transcripts - Elisha Alexander, Benjamin Armstrong, James Barker, Caleb Barton, John Bowen, Benjamin Cleveland, Sion Cooper, Eli Davis, William Dickson, Charles Durham, Samuel Earle, Ambrose Fitzgerald, Henry Gaines, Robert Gaines, John Grishim, Jesse Hall, Catherine Humphreys, William Jolly, Charles Lay, Morgan Morgan, John Neel, Ambrose Petty, Joseph Reid, William W. Robinson, Henry Shell, Benjamin Smith, Daniel Stephens, Joseph Wood, Stephen Young.

New Additions to Virginia Pioneers webside

Sketches of General Jubal A. Early; A. P. Hill; Robert E. Lee; George Edward Pickett; James E. B. Stuart

Virginia Wills and estates (transcripts) - Buckingham Co. - Francis Harris; Edward Jones; William Maddox; Moon orphans; Elizabeth Watkins; Joel Watkins; John Watkins; Silas Watkins.

Charles City Co. - Mary Byrd; William Byrd; John Clay; William Clay; Francis England; John Gregory Jr.; Francis Hardyman; Benjamin Harrison; Rebecca Izard; Robert Munford; William Munford: John Rogers; John Stith; John Tyler; John West.

Dinwiddie Co. - John Burrow; Jane Cardwell; Edward Davis; Francis Eppes; John Grant; William Hudson; Joseph Jackson; Anne Downman Muir; Fulmer Skipwith; William Sturdivant.

Hanover Co. - James Allen; John Beal; Benjamin Brown; John Clay; Nathaniel West Dandridge; William Fleming; James Hill;George Hudson;Nathaniel Lipscombe; Nicholas Meriwether; Robert Page; Charles Street; John Thomson; William Turner; John Walton.

King William Co. - George Dabney; Samuel Garlick; Aaron Quarles.

Stafford co. - Seth Botts; Edward Clement; Andrew Edwards; Michael Fudd; Charles Grigsby;; John Gribsby; Booford Johnson; Peter Mauzy.

York Co. - Richard Ambler; Blair Andrews; Phillip Bullifant; Cuton Elliott; Archibald Foster; William Parks.

New New Additions to TN Pioneers websiteTennessee Genealogies - Babb of Greene & Roane Counties [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5]; Barnard of Roane County [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5]; Fain, Nicholas, descendants of, the emigrant, by Augusta Bradford Faron of Chattanooga [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5] ; Henderson of Williamson County [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 4]; Ladd of Roane County [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5]; Landis of Beech Hill, Bedford County

New Additions to Pioneer Families LLC website - American Pioneer Series, a database of genealogies and research notes; sources cited; alphabetical, millions of names.

NewNew Additions to Genealogy-Books Website New Genealogy Books Added - A History of the Moravian by Joseph Edmund Hutton; A Short History of Scotland by Andrew Lang; A Sketch of the History of Oneonta by Dudley M. Campbell; American Prisoners of the Revolution By Danske Dandridge; American Merchant Ships and Sailors by WIllis J. Abbot; An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket, and His People, 1750-1830 by John Niles Hubbard; An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 By Mary Frances Cusack; Charter and Supplemental Charter of the Judon's Bay Company by Hudson Bay Company; Chesterfield's Letters by Lord Chesterfield; Letters, Sentences and Maxims. Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, 1694-1773, had a fate generally misunderstood. Dr. Johnson, a poor scholar but in the prime of life, seems to have mistaken a delay in an interview, and to have abused his lordship very soundly ever afterward. To this misconception we owe one of the finest and manliest letters ever written. Mrs. Eugenia Stanhope, the widow of the recipient of these letters, sold them, enhanced in value from the earl's literary reputation, for 1,500 pounds! That was an immense sum in those days. Published 1894 in Philadelphia, 307 pp., indexed. A rare find indeed! First Whiteman of the West: Daniel Boone; The Annual Monitor for 1851, or Obituary of the members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland for the year 1850; History of England from the Norman Conquest to the Death of John 1066-1216; History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan; Hochelagans and Mohawks: A Link in Iroquois History by W. D. Lighthall; Lewis and Clark; Legends, Traditions and Laws of the Iroquois, or Six Nations, and History of Tuscarora Indian by Elias Johnson; Pioneers of the Old South, A Chronicle of English Colonial Beginnings by Mary Johnson; The Days of Bruce: A Story from Scottish History, Vol. I by Grace Aguilar; The History of England from the First Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of King George the Fifth by Hilaire Belloc; The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century by Francis Parkman; The Magna Carta By Unknown Author; The Manual of Heraldry. Unknown author. 5th Edition; The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley by James Otis; The Oregon Trail: sketches of prairie and Rocky-Mountain life by Francis Parkman; Victoria. Queen and Empress by Robert C. V. Meyers

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