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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Georgia Wills and Estates Added to

Appling County Estates, Guardians, Vouchers 1859-1869 (digital);
Annual Returns 1877-1888 (digital); Homestead 1857-1879 (digital)

Baldwin County Wills 1806-1854 (abstracts)

Baker County Index to Wills 1868-1918; Index to Inventories 1868-1875; Index to Inventories (1875-1918)

Banks County Wills 1858-1879 (digital)

Bartow County Will Index 1836-1885; Inventories, Appraisements, Distributions, Sale Bills 1853-1866

Berrien County Will Index 1855-1909 (digital); Index to Inventories and Estates 1862-1896 (digital)

Bibb County Wills 1823-1864 (abstracts)

Brooks County Index to Wills 1860-1899 (digital); Index to Annual Returns, Bills of Sale, Vouchers, 1859-1863 (digital); Index to Annual Returns, Book B, 1863-1865 (digital)

Bryan County Index to Wills 1870-1891; Index to Wills 1891-1933.

Bulloch County Wills 1854-1861 (abstracts)

Burke County Wills 1855-1858 (digital)

Butts County Wills 1821-1841 (abstracts)

Calhoun County 1855-1910 (abstracts)

Camden County Wills 1795-1829 (digital); Wills 1885-1900 (digital)

Campbell County Wills 1831-1908 (abstracts)

Carroll County Wills 1852-1900 (digital)

Catoosa County Will Index (digital) 1874-1961

Charlton County Index to Will Book A 1868-1901;
Index to Letters of Administration and Letters of Guardianship 1879-1889

Chatham County Wills 1781-1824 (abstracts); Misc. Abstracts; Wills 1777-1840 (digital); Index to Will Book A 1775-1801 (digital); Index to Will Book B 1777-1787 (digital); Tax Digest, 1793, images; Index to 1783-1805, images.

Chattooga County Will Index 1856-1924 (digital); Index to Inventories and Appraisements 1867-1868 (digital)

Chattahoochee County Wills 1853-85 (abstracts)

Cherokee County Index to Will Book B 1848-1866; Index to Will Book C 1866-1921; Index to Inventories, Appraisers, Vouchers, Sales, Annual Returns, 1848-1852; Legal Advertising 1868-1873; Green, Jesse (Last Will and Testament Image) (1873) Cherokee County Divorces from newspapers 1885-1886

Clarke County Wills 1803-1842 (abstracts)

Clay County Index to Will Book A, 1852-1922; Index to Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Book A, 1859-1873; Clay County Marriages 1842-1892

Clayton County Wills 1858-1939 (abstracts)

Clinch County Index to Will Bk C 1868-1911

Cobb County Wills 1857-1904 (digital); Misc. Estates 1869-1873 (digital); Minute Book A 1869-1874 (digital); Estates 1865-1925

Coffee County Index to Annual Returns Vol. A 1877-1898

Columbia County Wills 1790-1888 (abstracts); Index to Wills 1803-1821; 1839-1859; Index to Letters of Administration 1788-1825; Index to Distribution of Estates 1809-1827; Index to Inventories, Sales, etc. 1809-1850; Index to Accounts of Estates 1813-1833; Index to Deeds 1791-1816

Coweta County Wills 1827-1910 (abstracts); Index to Will Bk A 1828-1848; Index to Will Bk B 1849-1892; Index to Annual Returns Bk B 1837-1843

Crawford County Wills (Misc.) (abstracts); Index to Will Bk A 1835-1857;

Dade County Index to Wills, Minutes, Misc. Estates, Bk B 1884-1904; Index to Will Book A 1903-1948; Index to Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Annual Returns, 1853-1877
Dawson County Wills 1857-1862 (abstracts); Index to Annual Returns 1835-1854; Index to Wills, Guardians, Administrations, Bonds, Bk B, 1857-1896
Decatur County Wills 1828-1838 (abstracts)
DeKalb County Wills & Estates 1841-1919 (digital)
Dodge County Wills 1878-1901 (abstracts)
Dooly County Wills 1849-1931 (abstracts)
Douglas County Wills 1870-1916; Wills, Letters of Guardianship 1871-1885
Early County Wills (misc.)(digital)

Effingham County Wills 1826-1856

Elbert County Wills 1791-1826 (abstracts)

Emanuel County Wills 1825-1857 (Images); Wills 1857-1907 (Images); Index to Wills, Administrations, Guardians, Bonds to Bk A 1815-1868

Fayette County Wills 1828-1897; Bonds 1830-1850; Mixed Records 1837-1856 (abstracts)

Forsyth County Wills 1856-1936 (digital)

Franklin Co. County Wills 1899-1911 (digital)

Fulton 1854-1882 (abstracts)

Glynn County Wills 1809-1849 (digital); Wills & Appraisements 1856-1866 (digital)

Greene County Wills 1792-1810 (abstracts)

Gwinnett County Wills 1847-1886 (digital); Minute Book 1819-1861 (digital)

Habersham County Wills 1820-1867 (abstracts)

Hall County Wills 1837-1867 (abstracts)

Hancock County Wills 1804-1814 (abstracts) Harris County Wills 1833-1849 (abstracts)

Houston County Wills 1827-1855 (abstracts)

Jackson County Wills 1802-1860 (digital and abstracted);Deed Book A (abstracted)

Jasper County Wills 1814-1857 (digital); Index to Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1813-1820; Index to Wills 1815-1820; Index to Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1797-1819; Jasper Estates 1814-1857 (Images); Marriage Book A (1808-1820); Jasper County Marriage Book B (1811-1841)

Jefferson County Wills 1777-1893 (abstracts); Index to Will Book A; Index to Wills 1796-1887 ; Index to Will Book 3, 1864-1884; Index to Annual Returns, 1815-1827; Abstracts of Deeds 1797-1799; Causey, Elizabeth LWT (1832); Livingston, Joseph M., LWT (1872); Livingston, Joseph, receipt ; Livingston, William, deceased, estate of (1843); Wimberly, Martha A., minor; Wright, Nancy, deceased, estate of; Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886; Marriage Contracts found in Deeds and Other Documents -

Jones County Wills 1808-1890 (abstracts)

Laurens County Wills 1809-1840 (abstracts)

Lee County Wills 1854-1858 (abstracts)

Liberty County Wills 1779-1823 (digital); Estates Index 1784-91 (digital)

Lincoln County Wills 1796-1832 (digital)

Lumpkin County Wills 1833-1852 (abstracts)

Madison County Wills 1812-1841 (abstracts)

Marion County Wills 1846-1913 (abstracts)

McIntosh County Wills 1845-1915 (digital)

Meriwether County Wills 1831-1859 (digital)

Milton County Wills 1865-1882 (abstracts)

Monroe County Wills 1824-1927 (abstracts)

Montgomery County Wills 1808-1863 (abstracts); Index to Minute Book 1808-1863

Morgan County Wills 1808-1830 (abstracts) Murray County Wills 1840-1922 (abstracts)

Muscogee County Wills 1838-1862 (abstracts)

Newton County Wills 1820-1896(digital)

Oglethorpe County Wills 1793-1807 (abstracts) -Paulding County Wills 1855-1877 (digital)

Pickens Legal Advertising 1868-1873 (abstracts)

Pike County Wills 1823-1829 (digital) -Pike Poor House Fund 1823-1829 (digital)

Pulaski County Wills 1810-1854 (abstracts)

Putnam County Wills 1808-1857 (abstracts) Richmond County Wills 1777-1798 (digital) ; Index to County Wills 1777-1958; Pupils 1812 and Teachers 1873-1881

Rockdale County Wills 1914-1923 (digital)

Screven County Wills 1808-1877 (digital)

Spalding County Wills 1852-1880 (abstracts)

Sumter County Wills 1831-1900 (abstracts)

Talbot County Wills 1830-1856 (abstracts)

Taliaferro County Wills 1826-1949 (abstracts)

Tattnall County Wills 1857-1862 (digital)

Thomas Record of County Wills 1826-1860 (List of)

Towns County Wills (misc.) (abstracts)

Troup County Wills 1818-1848 (digital)

Twiggs County Wills (misc.) (abstracts)

Walton County Wills and Estates 1819-1839 (digital)

Warren List of County Wills 1793-1811; Wills 1793-1811 (digital)

Washington Estates 1829-1871 (some abstracts); Letters of Testamentary/Guardianship (some abstracts); Index to Letters of Administration, Testamentary, Guardianship, Bk A 1829-1876; Index to Inventories 1846-1862; Index to Letters of Guardianship and Apprenticeships 1829-1876; Index to Annual Returns 1843-52; Index to Annual Returns 1851-55; Index to Annual Returns 1856-58; Index to Annual Returns 1858-1866; Index to Annual Returns 1866-1878; Index to Annual Returns 1878-1890.

Wayne Misc. (abstracts)

Wilkes County. Misc. Estate (Images)

Wilkinson County Wills 1817-1860 (abstracts)

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