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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Georgia Families and Genealogies is a growing website of traced genealogies, misc. estates and bible records. Subscribe and view these records now.

List of genealogies:

Aaron of Virginia & Franklin County
Abercrombie of Orange Co., N. C. Hancock & Greene Counties, Georgia
Adair of Paulding County
Adams of Warren County
Adams of Stewart County
Adams of North Carolina & Washington County
Adams of Richland County, South Carolina & Twiggs County, Georgia
Agle of Paulding Co.
Adkins of Virginia and Warren County, Georgia
Akens of Greene County, Georgia
Akin of Cass County, Georgia
Akins of Greene County, Georgia
Alfriend of Greene County, Georgia
Allgood of Chattooga Co.
Allen of Virginia & Morgan Co., GA
Allison of Florida & Georgia
Allison of Greene County, Georgia
Alred of Bartow County, Georgia
Ancient Families in British Isles
Anderson of Virginia, South Carolina & Telfair County, Georgia
Andrew/Andrews of Liberty County
Andrews of North Carolina (brief sketch)
Ansley of Warren County, Georgia
Anthony of Virginia & Wilkes Co. GA
Appling of Columbia Co. GA
Armor/Armour of Greene Co. GA
Armstrong of Bibb Co. GA
Arnow of Camden County
Arnsdorf of Effingham County
Ashe of North Carolina and Lumpkin County, Georgia
Ashmore of Richmond & Richmond Counties, Georgia
Atkinson of Paulding County
Atkinson of Virginia and Camden County
Austin of Liberty County, Georgia
Austin of Columbia & Muscogee Counties, Georgia
Austin of Mecklenburg & Union Counties, N. C. & Atlanta, Georgia
Autrey/Autry of White and Cobb Co.'s GA
Avary of Columbia County, Georgia
Avary of DeKalb County
Avret of Jefferson and Morgan Counties
Aycock of Wilkes County, Georgia
Ayres of Richmond County, Georgia
Bacon of Liberty County, Georgia
Bagwell of Virginia & Gwinnett County, Georgia
Baker of Liberty County, Georgia
Bailey of North Carolina & Bibb County
Baillie of Liberty County, Georgia
Baldwin of Terrell County
Ball of Monroe County
Banks of Virginia, North Carolina Elbert, Monroe & Wilkes Counties, GA
Barnard of Chatham County, Georgia
Barnett of Virginia & Greene County, Georgia
Barrett of Richmond County, Georgia
Barron of Jones County
Barwick of North Carolina & Bibb County
Bass of Chesterfield and Brunswick Counties, Virginia
Bass of Virginia and Hancock County, Georgia
Batte of Charles City County, Virginia
Battle of North Carolina & Hancock County, Georgia
Battle of Monroe County
Battle of Greene & Taliaferro Counties
Bayless of Columbia County
Bazemore of Jones County
Bealle of Maryland & Columbia County, Georgia
Beckham of Essex County Virginia & Columbia County, Georgia
Beddingfield of North Carolina & Bibb County, Georgia
Bedell of Camden County
Bellah of Morgan County, Georgia
Berkner of Bibb County, Georgia
Berry of Effingham County, Georgia
Bignon of Richmond County, Georgia
Billingslea of England, Virginia, Maryland Harris, Jones & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Bird of Pennsylvania Effingham & Liberty Counties, Georgia
Bird of Virginia Taliaferro & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Bird of Virginia & Hall County, Georgia
Blackshear of Laurens County, Georgia
Bittick of Monroe County
Bivins of Bartow County
Bivins of Wilkinson County
Bleckley of Fulton County, Georgia
Blue of Glynn County, Georgia
Blue of Wilcox County, Georgia
Bohannon of Georgia
Bond of Bibb County, Georgia
Bond of Virginia, Elbert & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Bone of Pennsylvania, South Carolina & Georgia
Bonnell of Virginia Burke & Screven Counties, Georgia
Bowdoin of Massachusetts, Edgefield Co., S. C. Monroe & Putnam Counties, Georgia
Bowling of Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Boykin of Virginia & Burke County, Georgia
Brailsford of Charleston, S. C. & McIntosh County, Georgia
Brantley of Virginia & Chatham County, Georgia
Braswell of Bibb County, Georgia
Breedlove of Virginia Jones & Greene Counties, Georgia
Brent of Monroe County, Georgia
Brincefield of Bibb County, Georgia
Brock of Habersham & Decatur Counties, Georgia
Brooking of Middlesex County, Virginia
Brooks of Franklin County, Georgia
Brooks of Jones & Paulding Counties
Brotherton of Georgia
Browning of Monroe County, Georgia
Buckner of Virginia & Putnam County, Georgia
Bull of Coweta County, Georgia
Bullard of Cobb County
Bullock of Virginia, North Carolina & Georgia
Bullock/Bulloch of Madison County
Burks of Georgia and Alabama
Burney of Morgan County, Georgia
Burnsides of Columbia County
Butler of Wilkes County, Georgia
Buttrill of Virginia, North Carolina & Coweta, Heard & Jasper Counties, Georgia
Bynum of Randolph County
Caldwell of Richmond County, Georgia
Candler of Fulton County, Georgia
Cannon of Wilkinson County, Georgia
Carlton of Greene County, Georgia
Carnegie of Pittsburgh & Camden Co. GA
Carr of Bibb County, Georgia
Cassells of Liberty County, Georgia
Castleberry of Monroe County, Georgia
Castlin of Monroe County, Georgia
Catchings of Wilkes County, Georgia
Chambliss of Virginia & Georgia
Chapeau of South Carolina Chatham and Fulton Counties
Chapman of Liberty County
Chappell of Hancock County, Georgia
Cheney of Morgan County, Georgia
Childs of Jones County
Clark of Bibb County, Georgia
Clark of Camden County
Clarke of Greene County, Georgia
Clay from Chatham County
Clements of Virginia & Bibb County, Georgia
Cleveland of Virginia & Elbert & Monroe Counties, Georgia
Clower of Pennsylvania Jones & Morgan Counties, Georgia
Coats of Wilkes County, Georgia
Cobb of Wilkinson County, Georgia
Cobbs of Columbia County, Georgia
Cocke of Monroe County, Georgia
Cole of Wilkes & Monroe Counties
Colley of Elbert & Madison Counties, Georgia
Collier of Virginia & Oglethorpe & Monroe Counties, Georgia
Collier of DeKalb County, Georgia & Rhea County, Tennessee
Collins of Richmond County, Georgia
Collins of Paulding County, Georgia
Comer of Virginia & Jones County, Georgia
Conger of England, Massachusetts, South Carolina & Georgia
Conner of Virginia & Bibb County, Georgia
Cook of Clarke County, Georgia
Cook of Wilkinson County, Georgia
Cooper of Columbia County, Georgia
Cooper of Paulding County
Cornwell of Virginia & Jasper County, Georgia
Cotton of Monroe County
Couper of Scotland and Glynn County
Cowan of Pennsylvania, North Carolina Cobb, Jackson & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Cox of Virginia, North Carolina Harris & Putnam Counties, Georgia
Craton of North Carolina & Paulding County, Georgia
Crawford of VIrginia & Columbia/Richmond Counties, Georgia
Crosson of Virginia & Lincoln County, Georgia
Crump of Richmond County, Georgia
Crutchfield of Wilkes & Greene Counties, Georgia
Cumming of Richmond County, Georgia
Curls of Montgomery County, Georgia
D'Antignac of Richmond County
Dancer of Dougherty, Houston and Muscogee Counties
Danielly of Hancock County
Darden of Emanuel & Monroe Counties, Georgia
Darsey of Liberty County
Davis of Greene County
Day of Clarke County & Mississippi
Dawson of Greene County
Dean of Dallas, Texas
Delk of Liberty County
Dent of Columbia County
Dent of Bibb County
Devereux of England, Virginia Baldwin, Columbia & Hancock Counties
Dewberry of Virginia, North Carolina & Monroe County, Georgia
Dickson of Virginia, North Carolina Hancock County, Georgia
Dingley of Massachusetts
Dixon of Putnam County
Dorsett of Columbia County
Dowdy of Dodge County
Dozier of Columbia County
Drane of Columbia County
Drawhorn of Jones County
Driggers/Dregors of Liberty County
Dubose of South Carolina
Dukes of Tattnall County
Dumas of Virginia & Monroe County, Georgia
Dunn of Virginia, South Carolina Columbia, Franklin & Greene Counties
Durden of Washington County
Durham of Monroe, Dekalb, Randolph & Stewart Counties
Early of Ireland, Virginia & Wilkes & Greene Counties, Georgia
Earnest of Carroll, Clarke, Jones & Meriwether Counties
Easly of Walton County, Georgia
Eason of Fayette County, Georgia
Eberhart of Madison County, Georgia
Edge of Wilkes County
Edmondson of Virginia, North Carolina & Georgia
Edwards of Effingham County, Georgia
Elkins of Effingham County, Georgia
Ellis of Clayton & Henry Counties
Elsberry of Paulding County, Georgia
Ely of Isle of Wight & Nansemond Counties, Virginia
Emerson of Jones County
English of Monroe County, Georgia
Epps of Greene County, Georgia
Etheridge of Monroe County, Georgia
Evans of Anderson County, South Carolina & Georgia
Evans of Prince George County, Maryland & Madison County, Georgia
Eve of Richmond County, Georgia
Fambrough of Greene County
Ferguson of Paulding County
Few of Richmond County
Finney of Jones County
Fisher of Muscogee, Twiggs & Washington Counties
Fitzpatrick of Virginia & Morgan County, Georgia
Fleming of Ireland, Virginia Lincoln & Richmond Counties, Georgia
Flewellen of Baldwin & Jones Counties, Georgia
Ford of Massachusetts & New Jersey
Franklin of Warren County
Fraser of Liberty County
Freeman of Virginia & Clarke & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Freeman of Essex County, England
Fullilove of Wilkes & Henry Counties
Funderburk of Floyd County
Futch of Germany, North Carolina Bryan & Bulloch Counties, Georgia
Gafford of Wilkes & Jones Counties
Gamel\Gammel of Paulding County
Gardner of Monroe County, Georgia
Garrard of Purnam County
Gates of Virginia & Jefferson County, Georgia
Gay of Virginia, North Carolina & Hancock County, Georgia
Gee of South Carolina Decatur & Mitchell Counties, Georgia
Germany of Richmond County, Georgia
Gibbons of Liberty County
Gilbert of Bibb County
Gilmer of Oglethorpe County
Gober of North Carolina Cobb, DeKalb & Franklin Counties, Georgia
Godfrey of South Carolina & Rabun County, Georgia
Goggans of Monroe County
Golden of Atlanta
Goldsmith of DeKalb County
Goodall of Bibb County
Goodson of Burke, Walker & Cobb Counties
Gordon of Virginia Gwinnett & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Graves of Muscogee County
Gray of North Carolina Greene, Newton, Pike & Taylor Counties, Georgia
Greer of Greene County
Griffin of Georgia
Griggs of Cobb County< Georgia
Gruber of Effingham County
Gunnells of Virginia Banks, Franklin & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Gwinnett of Wales and Georgia
Hagin of Greene County
Hall of Georgia
Hall, Nathaniel, Loyalist
Hammond of Baldwin County
Hansell of Cobb County, Georgia
Hanson of Monroe County, Georgia
Hardy of London & Virginia
Harget of Germany, Maryland, North Carolina & Cobb County, Georgia
Hardeman of Oglethorpe County
Harmon of Monroe County
Harper of Ireland & Georgia
Harper of Wilkes County
Harrell of North Carolina Stewart & Washington Counties, Georgia
Harris of Frederica
Harris of Twiggs County
Harvie of Scotland, Virginia & Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Hatchett of Virginia Harris & Oglethorpe Counties, Georgia
Hawkins of Jones County
Haygood of Monroe County
Heard of Virginia & Georgia
Henderson of Newton County
Hearn of SUssex County, Delaware & Hancock County, Georgia
Henson of Virginia, North Carolina & Georgia
Hewitt of North Carolina & Georgia
Hiers of South Carolina & Georgia
Hill of Randolph (Jasper) County
Hill of Atlanta
Hill of Fulton County
Hillhouse of Wilkes, Elbert and Jackson Counties
Hitchcock of Paulding County
Hitt of Virginia, South Carolina & Georgia
Hodges of Bulloch & Lowndes Counties
Holland of Virginia & Paulding County, Georgia
Holleman of Bibb County
Holliday of Putnam County
Holt of Putnam County
Hooper of Lunenburg County, Virginia, Greenville County, South Carolina & Franklin County, Georgia
Hopkins of New Kent County, Virginia & McIntosh County, Georgia
Howard of Maryland & Columbia County, Georgia
Huff of Maryland, North Carolina & Georgia
Huguley of Monroe County
Human of Maryland, Craven County, North Carolina & Madison County, Georgia
Humphreys of Clarke County
Ingram of Baldwin County, Georgia
Inman of England, Alabama, Georgia & Tennessee
Irby of Greene County, Georgia
Irwin of Burke County
Jackson of Warren County
Jackson of Clarke, Oconee & Wilkes Counties
James of Campbell & Cobb Counties
Jarrard of Habersham, Lumpkin & White Counties
Jay of Lumpkin County
Jeffers of Paulding County
Jemison of Bibb County
Johnson of Newton County
Jones of Fayette County
Jones of Elbert County
Jones of Elbert & Hart Counties
Jones of Charles City County, Virginia
Jones of Prince George County, Virginia
Jones of Massachusetts
Jordan of Warren County
Jordan of DeKalb County
Justice of Jones County
Keaten of Paulding County
Kennedy of Tattnall County
Kent, Frederick of GA and AL
Key of Banks County
Key of Virginia & Franklin County, Georgia
Kibbee of Bibb County
Kimbrough of Greene County
King of North Carolina Richmond, Morgan & Fayette Counties
Knighton of South Carolina & Randolph County, Georgia
Kontz of Fulton County
Lamar of Georgia
Lamkin of Columbia County
Lane of England, Virginia & North Carolina
Lane, Laban, descendants of, Craven County, North Carolina
Lanier of Bibb County
Lastinger of Bulloch County
Lavender of Jones & Craven Counties, North Carolina & Screven County, Georgia
Leathers of Virginia & Georgia
Lee of North Carolina & Bulloch County
Lester of South Carolina and Georgia
LeSueur of Monroe County
Letson of Butts County
Leverett of Wilkes County
Lewis of Georgia
Lightfoot of Virginia
Lightner of Pennsylvania & South Carolina
Lindsey of Greene County
Littleton of Northampton & Accomack Counties, Virginia
Littleton, Solomon of Loudoun County, Virginia
Littleton, Southy of Monroe County
Littleton, Thomas of Roane County, Tennessee
Loggins of VIrginia, South Caroliina Hall & Franklin Counties, Georgia
Long of Elbert & Madison Counties
Long of South Carolina
Love of Abbeville, South Carolina
Lovelace of Georgia
Loveless of Alabama
Lowe of Jones County, Georgia
Lowe of Harris County
Lowrance of Germany, New Jersey & North Carolina
Lyddall of Kent County, Virginia
Lynch of Jasper County, Georgia
Lunsford of Georgia
Mabry of Monroe County
Mackay of Scotland to Darien, Georgia
Maddox of Fulton County, Georgia
Madison of Virginia & Warren County, Georgia
Mallard of Liberty County
Malone of North Carolina Fayette, Henry, Jasper & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Mangum of DeKalb County, Georgia (brief)
Mann of South Carolina & Newton County
Marbury of South Carolina & Richmond County, Georgia
Marbut of DeKalb County, Georgia
Marshall of New England
Marshall of Terrell County, Georgia
Massey of Bibb County, Georgia
Matthews of Paulding County, Georgia
Maxey of Monroe County
Maxwell of Liberty County
McCardle of Bibb County, Georgia
McClendon of Scotland, North Carolina Coweta, Henry & Wilkes Counties
McCord of North Carolina & Monroe County, Georgia
McCorquodale of Scotland, Georgia & Texas
McCoy of Georgia (brief)
McDonald of North Carolina & Elbert County, Georgia
McEachern of Fayette County, Georgia
McElroy (brief)
McGinty of Monroe County
McGough of Monroe County, Georgia
McIntosh of Darien, Georgia
McKay of Jones & Putnam Counties
McKenney/McKinney of Virginia Lincoln & Monroe Counties, Georgia
McKinney of Bibb County, Georgia
McMichael of Crawford, Greene, Jasper, Marion & Stewart Counties
McMinn of Buncombe County, North Carolina & Cobb County, Georgia
McRee of Wilkes County, Georgia
Means of New Jersey & Georgia
Meeks of Franklin and Habersham Counties, Georgia
Mercer of Wilkes County, Georgia
Mercer of Virginia & Wilkes County, Georgia
Middlebrooks of Harris County, Georgia
Miller of South Carolina, Mississippi Hancock & Wilkes Counties, Georgia
Millican of Monroe County
Mills of Lincoln & Wilkes Counties
Mitchener of Randolph County
Moody of Paulding County
Moon of Columbia County
Moon of Pennsylvania & Virginia
Moon of Greene County, Georgia
Moore of Gwinnett County, Georgia
Moore of Dooly County, Georgia
Moore of Maryland & Fayette County, Georgia
Morgan of Wilkes, Jasper & Stewart Counties, Georgia
Morris of Virginia to Taliaferro County, Georgia
Moseley of Morgan County, Georgia
Morton of Jones County, Georgia
Moss of Harris County
Mullins of Hall, Cobb & Paulding Counties, Georgia
Murphy of Fayette & Pike Counties
Murrah of Warren County, Georgia
Napier of Bibb County
Neely of Coweta County
Nephew of McIntosh County
Nesmith of Screven & Wilkinson Counties
Nicholson of Stewart County
Norman of Virginia Bibb & Liberty Counties, Georgia
Norris of Monroe County
Nunnalee of ELbert County
Oliver of Elbert County
Orr of Hall County
Osgood of Liberty County
Overton of Greene County
Owen of Jones County
Oxford of Monroe County
Padgett of North Carolina Emanuel & Jefferson Counties
Palmer of Columbia County, Georgia
Parker of North Carolina & Monroe County, Georgia
Parr of Carroll & Clarke Counties
Partin of Edgefield Co., SC & Tattnall Co., GA
Patrick of Chattooga County
Paulk of Jefferson & Wilkinson Counties
Peachy of Mildenhall (England) and America
Peacock of Wayne County, North Carolina & Wilkinson County, Georgia
Pentecost of VIrginia & Jackson County, Georgia
Perdue of Monroe County
Perkins of Georgia
Perkins of Warren County, Georgia
Perkins of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio & Georgia
Perry of Virginia & Georgia
Perryman of Columbia & Richmond Counties
Phillips of Wilkes County, Georgia
Phinizy of Georgia
Pope of Georgia
Porch of Georgia
Porter of Virginia & Madison, Georgia
Potts of Monroe County, Georgia
Power/Powers of Madison County
Preston of Ireland, Virginia & Butts, Jasper & Walton Counties
Prince of Virginia & South Carolina
Proctor of Monroe County
Pullen of North Carolina & Georgia
Pye of Monroe County, Georgia
Quarterman of Liberty County
Rae of Richmond County
Rahn of Ebenezer
Raubwater of Greene County(/OPTION>
Randolph of Jackson County
Redding of Baldwin & Monroe Counties
Redman of Columbia County
Reese of Columbia & Warren Counties
Richardson of Wilkes County
Roberts of Jones County, Georgia
Robinson of Baldwin County
Rogers of Elbert County
Rollestone of Atlanta
Rumph of Orangeburg Co., S. C. & Houston County, Georgia
Russell of Liberty County
Russell of Wilkes County
Sailors of Madison County
Sailors of Switzerland, MD, NC, SC & GA
Sappington of Monroe County
Satterwhite of Harris County
Savage of Virginia
Scarborough of Burke & Madison Counties, Georgia
Schell of Indiana
Schikan of Atlanta, Georgia
Scoggins of Georgia
Scott of Monroe County, Georgia
Searcy of Monroe County, Georgia
Segraves of Madison County
Selkirk of Chatham County
Shannon of Ireland & Monroe County, Georgia
Sheffield of Wayne County, Georgia
Sheftall of Chatham County
Sherrill of Maryland, New Jersey & North Carolina
Shiflet of Elbert County, Georgia
Sikes of Monroe County
Simmons of Madison County
Sims of Madison County
Slocumb of Jones County, Georgia
Smith of Bibb County, Georgia
Smith of Houston County, Georgia
Smith of Upson County, Georgia
Smith Papers (many counties
Smith of Campbell, Carroll & Douglas Counties, Georgia
Spears/Spiers of Maryland & Georgia
Stanley of Lancashire, England & Tattnall County, Georgia
Steele of South Carolina & Georgia
Stegall of Virginia, South Carolina & Georgia
Stevens of Liberty County
Stewart of Liberty County
Stice of Germany, South Carolina & Kentucky
Stocks of Greene County, Georgia
Stokes of Georgia
Story of Jackson County, Georgia
Stovall of RIchmond County
Strickland of Franklin & Madison Counties
Stringer of South Carolina & Georgia
Strong of Essex County, Virginia & Clarke County, Georgia
Stubbs of Georgia
Surrency of South Carolina & Georgia
Tamplin of Virginia & Baldwin County, Georgia
Tankersley of Lincoln County
Tarpley of Richmond County, Virginia
Tapley of Baldwin & Monroe Counties
Tatom of Wilkes & Lincoln Counties
Taylor of Surry County, Virginia
Taylor of Monroe County
Teakell of Monroe County
Tennelle of Virginia & Washington County, Georgia
Thomas of Virginia & Clarke & Newton Counties, Georgia
Thomas of Baldwin & Dooly Counties
Thompson of Bibb County
Thompson of Jackson County
Thornton of Fayette County
Tillman of Kent County, England
Todd of Tattnall County
Tracy of Georgia
Tucker of Virginia & North Carolina
Tyson of Glynn County, Georgia
Ussery of Jones County
Valentine of Bibb County, Georgia
Vanderplank of Savannah
Veal of Madison County, Georgia
Veazey of Greene County, Georgia
Vernon of Richmond County
Wade of Greene County, Georgia
Waller of Hancock County, Georgia
Warren of Montgomery County, Georgia
Way of Liberty County
Welbourne of Wilkes & Columbia Counties
West of North Carolina & Gilmer County
Wheeless of Meriwether County, Georgia
Whelchel of Virginia Hall, Forsyth & Lumpkin Counties, Georgia
White of Clarke County
Whitehead of Jefferson County
Wilder of Jones County
Williamson of Wilkes County
Wimberly of Jones County
Woodall of Talbot County
Wootton of England, Virginia & Wilkes County, Georgia
Wyatt of Meriwether County, Georgia
Wynne of Georgia
Young of Savannah
Young of Talbot County
Youngblood of South Carolina & Georgia
Zellner of Monroe County
Zitterauer of Ebenezer
Zouberbuhler of Savannah
Zourcks of Liberty County


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WOW! That is an empressive list of available books.

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Thanks. This is the largest GA Genealogy Website, and growing.