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Monday, August 18, 2008

Chatham County Georgia Wills Online

The colonials who resided in Savannah were enterprising and ambitious. The old county records reflect an active trade with England, the Bahamas and Charleston, South Carolina, as many merchants owned their own sloops. A wide listing is found in colonial wills and inventories of estates. Some of the earliest wills in Will Book A were 30 or more pages!

These records not only provide the names of heirs, but also where they came from, property and merchandising. The oldest county in Georgia is Chatham and these records survived and are in tact. The old Colonial handwriting is written with a flourishing style. Here is a list of Chatham County Wills added to

Chatham County Wills 1781-1824 (abstracts); Misc. Abstracts; Wills 1777-1840 (digital); Tax Digest, 1793, images; Index to 1783-1805, images; Inventory of estate of John Crop (1796); L/A to Ann Brown, estate of James Brown, 1799; L/A of Mary and Dr. James Brown, estate of John Copp of Savannah; Deed of William and Elizabeth Norment to Slaughter Cowling 1795.

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