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Monday, February 11, 2008

Richmond Co. GA Wills 1770-1798- Quakers

Richmond County Wills (1777-1798) - Added to

The following persons (whose wills are found in Richmond County) were Quakers: Jeremiah Mote; Unity Wright; Dionysius Wright and Joseph Watts.

The following persons also resided in Columbia where records exist for them: Jeremiah Mote; William Buggs; Joel Crawford; William Glascock; Robert Dixon; Dionysius Wright.

Note: The first 20-30 of these wills were badly water-damaged. The aged leaves of this book were not well cared for. This copy is from a 1950's microfilm, the best available. Some portion of even the worst documents can be read; for this reason they were included.

Appling, John (1773)
Appling, John
Baldwin, David
Barnes, James
Barrett, Thomas
Barron, William
Beall, Jacob
Bedingfield, John
Booker, Thomas
Bright, Unity
Bugg, Jeremiah
Bugg, William (1772)
Bugg, William (1780)
Campbell, McCartin
Carnes, Peter
Clayton, Abia
Clem, Valentine
Cocke, Nathaniel
Connell, Thomas
Cowen, Thomas
Crawford, Joel
Crawford, Nathan
Dikes, George, Sr.
Dikes, George
Dixon, Robert (1792)
Dyess, Moses
Evans, Mary
Farish, Robert
Glascock, William
Goldwire, I. or J.
Goldwire, James
Harris, Benjamin (1785)
Harris, Sarah
Hodgen, John
Hollenger, Titus
Huff, Elizabeth
Hunt, George
Irby, Jeremiah
Jackson, William
Jameson, John
Jarvis, Elizabeth
Johnston, Daniel
Johnston, Samuel
Jones, John
Lander, Mary
Marshall, Daniel
May, John
McCarty, Daniel
Macdelin, Ann
McGibbon, James
Mears, Stephen
Meeks, John
Mitchel, John
Moore, Richard
Morgan, Jesse
Morris, Thomas
Mote, Uriah
Murray, Alexander Ross
Petty, John
Philips, John
Pittman, John
Randolph, George
Ricketson, Timothy
Row, Isaac
Schmidt, John H.
Scott, John
Sherwood, William
Slade, Joseph (1792), nun-cupative LWT
Spear, William (1771:1791)
Story, Robert
Thomas, James E.
Turkeynis, Peter
Vaughan, James
Vernon, James
Wade, John
Walton, John
Washington, Thomas
Watkins, Thomas
Watson, Daniel
Watts, Joseph
Watts, Joseph
Webster, Anner
Wells, Benjamin
Wells, Humphrey
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Payde
Wood, Nathaniel
Wright, Dionysius
Zachry, James


revruc1 said...

I only know that our family was out of an Ambrosia Rucker ancestor from Virginia that transported to Ga. Slaves were transported with them. That is where My family came in. My grand father was a Thomas Rucker(wife Gladys),my father was a Clarence rucker (wife Lillie), and I am Rev Dr Clarence Rucker. My grandfather's brother was Henry Rucker (appointed by president Mckinley as the first African American tax assesor of Ga.) Yes we do look white, but with color. Can "one" help?

revruc1 said...

I must add. The Rucker I am speaking of also belongs to a Rucker that owned a graet Bonanza in Ga and squandered it. This is information came through the generation lines.

AnnaBella said...

I am interested in knowing how to see the will of one of those listed in the 'Richmond Co GA Wills 1770-1798-Quakers'. He is Thomas Connell son of Daniel Connell. Please email me how I can obtain or find this will of my ancestor. Daniel was a Revolutionary War Veteran & Justice of Peace in Louisville, Jefferson Co., GA. Thanks for any help to lead me to this Will.

revruc1 said...

I found my beginning heritage from a place called Elbert county in Georgia. I came through the linage of Amos Rucker. He was a black confederate soldier with his master at the time, Sandy Rucker. The others stayed with the daddy of Sandy, Joseph Rucker. Joseph was one of the richest in the land of Ga. and squandered it. Amos had a son named, Thomas. Thomas Rucker married Bessie (Stafford)? and had a son named Clarence. Through the Rucker family, I now know how we all got our fair complexion. Amos, Thomas, Clarence, Henry, Tommy, and myself, Clarence Jr and off springs are black with fair skin. These are all Ruckers. I am sure if you are white and a Rucker that lives in Elbert County, Ga, we are relatives. You can find me on my site, or