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Saturday, February 2, 2008

LeRoy and John Hammond, Whigs Maneuver Land Grants

All of the Plats of Land Grants are listed on

Brown, Hugh, Camden County, 1788 and 1792
Hammond, John and LeRoy, 1772, Granville County (now Fripp Island, SC). The interesting thing about this Land Grant issued in 1772 to John Hammond by the SC Royal Council is that it was done by LeRoy Hammond, a Whig who gave the order before the Provincial Governor could find out; when he did learn of it, the Hammonds, both Whigs, were 130 miles away, on the GA-SC border. (This is old Granville County)

Pierce, Sampson, Forsyth and Hall Counties

Walker, Georgia, Richmond County, 1791

Jeannette Austin

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