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Thursday, January 31, 2008

John Lee Bible (born 1784)

Pike County Wills and Estates (images), first will bookLWT of Thomas Trammell, Pike County, dated 1823. He named his sons and daughters, bequeathing them slaves.

Estate of Ludwick E. Collins, Catherine Regan, admx. 1822, Pike County, includes an inventory of the estate, and returns to 1825. It appears that the estate was finalized in 1827.

Banks County Wills and Estates, Book B, t0 1858. There is no Will Book A. Many of these people came from other counties. An example is:

LWT of Henry P. Jones “of Burke County”; owned land on Bush Creek

Misc. Death Certificates

Clyde Belmont Carswell (1959) DeKalb County
John William Cassidy (1935) Bartow County
Drewey McVay Gentry (1935) Fulton County
Mrs. Margaret Gentry Bickers (1952) Fulton County
Georgia Ann Sinyard (1949) Paulding County
Mrs. Mary Jane Adair (1944) Paulding County

Bible of John Lee, born 1784 in Georgia. Included in the Jesse Weathers descendants (born 1805 in Georgia). This family removed from Georgia before 1850 and made their home in Randolph County, Alabama.

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