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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Screven County Wills

Screven County was named for General James Screven who was killed on November 22, 1778 while engaged in a skirmish with the British Colonel Provost on Spencer Hill, a site about 1-1/2 miles douth of Midway Church in Liberty County. The oldest surviving will book is Book 2-B, which contains the following wills (images) posted to

Screven County Wills (1808-1877)

Anderson, Hezekiah
Archy, Eli A.
Bazemore, Benjamin
Beard, John
Beasley, William
Beavill, James
Belcher, Sarah
Best, Dorcas
Best, Henry C.
Best, Tarleton
Blackburn, Rachel
Bolton, James
Bonnell, Anthony
Bonnell, John
Boykin, John
Boykin, John S.
Brannon, Hope
Bryan, John
Brannon, Hope
Bryan, Martin
Burke, David
Burke, David
Burns, John
Clements, Jennett
Conner, James
Conner, Lewis
Conyers, James
Conyers, John
Cooper, George
Cooper, William
Cooper, Wilson
Coughron, Joseph
Daughtry, David
Dunnington, William
Ferrell, Benjamin
Frawley, Jeremiah
Freeman, Jacob
Freeman, John
Freeman, Noah
Green, Delilah
Grimes, Elizabeth
Hale, Mary
Herrington, Richard
Herrington, Richard
Hilton, William
Hines, Martha
Hogg, John
Howard, Hezekiah
Humphreys, James
Humphries, James
Kemp, Alexander
Kittles, Peter
Kittles, Robert C.
Lanier, Lewis
Lee, David
Lee, Joshua faded)
Lee, Reuben
Lipsey, Levicy
Long, Zacheus
Lovett, John F.
Lundy, Frances
Mack, Andrew
Maner, George H.
Marlow, Stephen
McBride, James
Megee, Henry
Mills, Anthony
Mitchener, John
Morton, Silas
Murray, Mary Ann
Murray, William
Newton, George
Nicholson, John
Oliver, John
Pearce, Joshua
Pearce, Stephen
Phillips, Lucy
Phillips, Richard
Poythress, Cleton
Reddick, Peter
Rieves, John S.
Rieves, Richard
Robbins, Arthur
Roberts, Roland
Rushing, Eli
Sasser, Thomas
Saxon, B. H.
Scarbrough, Hardy
Scruggs, John
Scruggs, Richard
Sheppard, William
Simmons, Samuel
Stewart, Tabitha
Stotesberry, George
Thomas, Gilshot
Walker, Thomas G.
White, Christopher G.
Wilkinson, Reuben
Williams, Robert
Williamson, Robert Mickleborough

Jeannette Holland Austin

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