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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Burke Co. GA Will Images

Will Images

The first Will Book of Burke County did not survive; however the following Will Book contained wills dating from 1803 to 1958. This is because these particular testaments were probated after the first will book was destroyed. When searching Burke County, one should always search in the adjoining Screven County as folks co-mingled in both counties.

Jeannette Holland Austin

Burke Co. Wills (1803-1958)

Allen, Frances – Burke (LWT)
Anderson, Augustus – Burke (LWT)
Antony, William – Burke (LWT)
Archer, Serena – Burke (LWT)
Attaway, Elijah – Burke (LWT)
Bearrow, Aaron – Burke (LWT)
Boyd, Benjamin – Burke (LWT)
Brack, Benjamin – Burke (LWT)
Brinson, Lucy – Burke (LWT)
Brinson, Shepard – Burke (LWT)
Churchill, Mary – Burke (LWT)
Evans, Sophia – Burke (LWT)
Evans, William J. – Burke (LWT)
Gilstrap, Benjamin – Burke (LWT)
Green, Jesse P. – Burke (LWT)
Hampton, James – Burke (LWT)
Inman, Sophia – Burke (LWT)
Jones, Abraham – Burke (LWT)
Jones, Henry P. – Burke (LWT)
Jones, James W. – Burke (LWT)
Jones, John M. – Burke (LWT)
Jones, Seaborn – Burke (LWT)
Lane, Thomas – Burke (LWT)
Landing, John – Burke (LWT)
Lasseter, William – Burke (LWT)
Lipsey, Barbara – Burke (LWT)
McElmurry, James – Burke (LWT)
McNatt, Elizabeth – Burke (LWT)
Merritt, George W. – Burke (LWT)
Moore, William – Burke (LWT)
Murphree, William – Burke (LWT)
Murphree, Wright – Burke (LWT)
Nasworthy, William – Burke (LWT)
Osborne, Robert – Burke (LWT)
Owens, John – Burke (LWT)
Penrow, William – Burke (LWT)
Perkins, B. L. – Burke (LWT)
Perkins, David – Burke (LWT)
Redd, Maria – Burke (LWT)
Rogers, William – Burke (LWT)
Sapp, Everet – Burke (LWT)
Sapp, Mary T. – Burke (LWT)
Saxon, William – Burke (LWT)
Scarborough, Amelia – Burke (LWT)
Shepard, Guthrie – Burke (LWT)
Skinner, William W. – Burke (LWT)
Tomlin, Zilpha – Burke (LWT)
Wallace, William – Burke (LWT)
Walker, Francis – Burke (LWT)
Walton, Thomas – Burke (LWT)
Ward, Francis – Burke (LWT)
White, Daniel – Burke (LWT)
Whitehead, John – Burke (LWT)
Williams, William – Burke (LWT)

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