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Monday, January 14, 2019

The "Time Machine" Adventure #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy

The "Time Machine" Adventure

time machineDid you ever feel that you would like a "time machine" to step back into the past? Well, you can have this psychologically.And that is by tracing your own heritage, especially with American emigrants because so little has changed in the terrain. As a matter of fact, we probably step upon the same earth, travel the same trails and view the same rolling hills and seashores. Perhaps, a little excavation into the soil will reveal some of their trash. The secret is to begin at the old home place, if you can find it. In this wonderful age, technical advances are making genealogy more of a virtual reality. Digital maps reveal hidden archeology such as hidden shapes and landscapes at Stonehenge while minimal maps reveal stunning images of the landscape which define old cornfields and cotton crops, forests, roads and trails as a starter. Why even the standard county map legends point us to cemeteries, churches and dirt roads. Inside these "time machine" vehicles, we can find the community where our families once resided with a visual of the footings of old buildings and houses. Actually, the site of the church and the old portion of its cemetery is the compass to more. It is a matter of imagination. The old deeds provide measurements and further description of what the old places looked like as well as the names of neighbors. Old wills, estates, vouchers, receipts and inventories are replete with details of family members and neighbors. For example, who purchased the kitchen furniture? The "time machine" works best with all of the information which you can discover in county records as well as census, church, bibles, cemeteries, and the like. Now, a little research into local history and the problems of the day provide the emotional aspects of community life. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Macon County Genealogy -- See Names #georgiapioneers #genealogy

Macon County Genealogy Resources, Wills, Estates

Macon County

Macon County was created in 1837 from Houston and Marian Counties. Early Settlers: Bryant Batton, Nathen Bryan, J. R. N. Berry, William Burnam, John R. Cook, T. H. B. Fleming, L. M. Felton, Burwell Green, Davis Gammage, S. J. Holston, William H. Hollingshead, John James, L. D. Law, J. F. Lofley, Wm Mitchell, Thomas Mott, William T. Taylor, John D. Wilkes, William W. Wiggins, John F. Williams, Robert Wright, C. H. Young.

Macon County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Annual Returns and Vouchers, Book A, 1857-1858.
  • Annual Returns and Vouchers, Book B, 1858-1860.
  • Wills 1839 to 1862
  • Macon County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.
Images of Macon County Wills (1839 to 1862)

Testators: Adams, Ezekiel; Algiers, Elizabeth; Allen, Egbert; Barfield, Jesse; Barrow, Wilie; Carsen, James; Childs, Benjamin; Cox, John; Ellis, William; Felton, John; Hambrick, Tarpley;Harvey, Eleanor; Higgins, Wiley; Hiley, John; Hill, Slaughter; Holston, Stephen; Lamar, John; Lowe, George; Massie, Needham; McKinney, Benjamin; McKenzie, John; McMillan, John; Meeks, Shadrack; Mitchell, John; Read, William; Shealy, Andrew; Slappey, Jacob;Smith, John Henry;Smith, John;Spurlin, John;Strickland, John;Warren, Dread;Warren, Jackson;White, William; Wiggins, Allen  ...more...

Index to Georgia Wills and Estates

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Names of Georgia Ancestors - Burke County

Burke County Wills,Estates, Tax Digests

Waynesville, Georgia

The land which formed Burke County was ceded to the English by the Creek Treaties of 1733, 1735 and 1736. By an Act of March 15, 1758 the parish of St. George was established. The county was named for Edmund Burke, a member of the British Parliament who championed the rights of the American colonies. Between 1793 and 1905, the legislature took land from Burke County to help form the new counties of Screven (1793), Jefferson (1796), and Jenkins (1905), and to add area to Richmond County (1841). The county seat of Waynesboro was established in 1794, named after the Revolutionary War hero General. The first will book did not survive. Will Book A, as is included herein, began in 1855; however, the earliest will found in that batch was dated in 1803. Essentially, 1855 and later is more specific to the probate date than to the date in which the wills were signed.

Genealogy Records available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Online Images of Burke County Wills 1803 to 1858

  • Allen, Frances (Fanney)
  • Anderson, Augustus H.
  • Antony, William H. D.
  • Archer, Serena
  • Attaway, Elijah
  • Bearrow, Aaron
  • Boyd, Benjamin
  • Brack, Benjamin
  • Brinson, Lucy
  • Brinson, Shepard
  • Chance, Henry
  • Churchill, Mary
  • Evans, Sophia
  • Evans, William J.
  • Gilstrap, Benjamin
  • Green, Jesse P.
  • Hampton, James
  • Inman, Sophia
  • Jones, Abraham
  • Jones, Henry P.
  • Jones, James W.
  • Jones, John M.
  • Jones, Seaborn A.
  • Lane, Thomas
  • Landing, John
  • Lasseter, William
  • Lipsey, Barbara
  • McElmurry, James
  • McNatt, Elizabeth
  • Merritt, George W.
  • Moore, William
  • Murphree, William
  • Murphree, Wright
  • Nasworthy, William
  • Osborne, Robert
  • Owens, John
  • Penrow, William
  • Perkins, B. L.
  • Perkins, David
  • Red, Maria
  • Rogers, William
  • Sapp, Everet
  • Sapp, Mary T.
  • Saxon, William
  • Scarborough, Amelia
  • Shepard, Guthrey
  • Skinner, William W.
  • Tomlin, Zilpha
  • Wallace, William
  • Walker, Francis J.
  • Walton, Thomas
  • Ward, Francis
  • White,Daniel
  • Whitehead, John
  • Williams, William

Miscellaneous Wills and Estates

  • Allen, Elisha A. Estate
  • Demero, Raymond
  • Hill, Milley, estate
  • Jones, Abraham (LWT)
  • Lovett, Ann (LWT)(1862)
  • Scott, William, estate

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Testators
  • Annual Returns 1858 to 1868

Tax Digests

  • 1788 Burke County Entry Takers Returns
  • 1788 Presentments to Grand Jury
  • 1798 Burke County Tax Digest, First District
  • 1798 Burke County Slaveholders, First and Second Districts
  • 1798 Slaves in Burke County

Special Notes

  • Burke Notes by Jeannette Holland Austin.

Traced Genealogies: Burke County Families

  • Bonnell
  • Boykin
  • Burke
  • Cowart
  • Irwin
  • Scarborough
  • Spencer

Index to Georgia Wills and Estates

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Genealogy Notes in The Austin Collection #georgiapioneers

The Austin Collection, Vols. I (603 pp.) and 2 (340pp. ), by Jeannette Holland Austin and is available to members of Georgia Pioneers.  It contain abstracts of valuable information discovered by me while tracing the families.  The set has been out-of-print for a number of years, however, is now available online to members of  Georgia Pioneers

Here are a few tidbits of data:

Jacob Autrey, RWS of GA
Jacob Autrey resided on Little Beaverdam Creek in Wilkes County, removed to Greene County.  Some deed records concerning the Autrey families and other information is included.

Reuben Boyette
Reuben Boyette died in a cotton explosion in Chambers County, Alabama in 1858. Before that, he was a resident of Troup County and was among those families who went to Alabama after the removal of the Indians in Georgia.  The Boyette family descends from Thomas Jefferson Boyette who died in Burke County before 1790.

Jeptha Brantley of Washington County
In 1860, the estate of Jeptha Brantley was divided among the heirs in Washington County. All of the heirs are named in the The Austin Collection.  Also mentioned are the families of Joshua Brantley, Jesse Brantley, Levi Brantley and others.

Tillman Buckner of Putnam County
Tillman Buckner was born ca 1770 and died 1810 in Putnam County.  The names of his heirs as well as other information is found in The Austin Collection.

Paul Castleberry of Georgia Colonial Era
Georgia Colonial Records, Vol. X, p. 257 "Read the petition of Paul Castleberry. He has settled the province and has no land.  Has a wife and four children, and prays for 350 acres on the southside of the Great Kyoka Creek in St. Paul's Parish, at a place called the Hawtree Branch. Granted May 1767."  More information on other Castleberry families is found in The Austin Collection.

Isham Chaffin, Revolutionary War Soldier
Isham Chaffin of Prince Edward County Virginia died in Wilkes County Georgia in 1822. His genealogy has been traced and is in the "Genealogy Vault" on Georgia Pioneers.  Also, More information is found in The Austin Collection.

Rev. John Cleveland died aged 91 years
Rev. Cleveland, a Baptist clergyman well known, of Cleveland's Ferry on the Tugaloo River in South Carolina, died ca 1821.  Family members removed to Carnesville, Georgia, and  more information is found in The Austin Collection.

John Banister Collins of Habersham County
John Collins was born ca 1788 in South Carolina and settled in Habersham County. He was married to Sarah and by her had a large family.  More information is found in The Austin Collection.

The Cowan Families
Details of some of the members of the Cowan families of Jackson County is found in The Austin Collection.

Dickson Families
Dickson families in Hancock and Wilkes County Georgia appear to descend from Michael Dickson of Lunenburg County Virginia.  Details of these families are found in The Austin Collection.

Rountree of Emanuel County
The family was found at Swainsboro, Georgia and descends from Richardson Rountree, born 1751, died 1819 in Georgia.  He was a Captain in the South Carolina Militia, Colonel Brandon's Regiment.  He was a resident of Union County, South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, later removing to Georgia.  4 pages of abstracts of Rountree genealogical information is found in The Austin Collection.

Shepherd and Hillhouse Connecticut and Wilkes County
Andrew Shepherd was born ca 1760 and died 1828 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He was married to Mary Hillhouse, the daughter of David and Sarah Ann Hillhouse of Connecticut who resided in Orange County Virginia.  More information is found in The Austin Collection.

Index to Georgia Wills and Estates

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Monday, January 7, 2019

The Eastman Depot #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy

Eastman Depot

Eastman DepotA railroad station stop of the Macon and Brunswick Railroad was constructed in 1869. The president of the railroad was William Pitt Eastman, an industrialist. When Eastman visited the new stop, he purchased land on both sides of the line and laid out a town. William Dodge, president of the Georgia Land and Lumber Company, funded the building of a courthouse in exchange for the county being named after him. 

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Friday, January 4, 2019

Images of Greene County Wills. See Names #georgiapioneers

Greene County Marriages, Wills, Estates, Tax Digests

Greene CountyGreene County was created from Washington County in 1786 and was named after Revolutionary War hero Major-General Nathaniel Greene who issued many land grants to his veteran troops. After the war, Greene and wife Catharine built a home near Savannah called Mulberry Plantation but Greene soon died, on June 19, 1786. In 1825 parts of Greene County were used to help create Taliaferro County as well as Oglethorpe and Clarke Counties between 1794 and 1877. The County Seat is Greensboro [originally spelled Greensborough and named for Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene]. Early Settlers: John Adams, John Armor, Richard Bailey, James Blythe, Walker Brockman, Edward Cannon, Joseph Carmichael, James Fuller, Hugh Hall, John Jeter, Edward Lumpkin, Phillemon Martin, Landon Palmer, James Stewart, Thomas.

Greene County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers 

Origins of Settlers
  • Origins of Early Greene County Settlers
Images of Wills 1816 to 1842

Testators: Akins, James; Alexander, Samuel; Alford, Julius ;Allison, Alfred; Anderson, Clayborn ;Asbury, Martha; Astin, Robert; Baker, John; Baldwin, Henry; Baldwin, Samuel; Barnhart, Charles; Baugh, Peter; Beatie, John ;Bedell, Isaac; Bedell, John ;Bethune, Lauchlin ;Bishop, Stephen; Blasingame, Philip; Bobbet, Martha; Bookes, Permelia; Booles, Jesse ;Booles, William ;Bradshaw, Elijah; Brinkley, Joshua; Brown, Elizabeth; Bullock, Edward ;Bunch, Austin; Caldwell, Littleton; Chapman, Randa;l Cheney, John ;Chew, John ;Clifton, Curtis ;Cobb, Thomas ;Cochran, Abner; Cole, Duke; Cole, John; Coles, John ;Coleman, Eden; Coleman, John; Coleman, Matthew; Coleman, Nancy; Colt, John; Cone, Ezekie;l Cone, William; Corry, Alexander ;Corry, William; Coslin, Isaac; Cox, Francena; Crawford, Thomas; Crawford, William; Culp, David; Cummins, Francis; Daniel, Samuel ;Davenport, Burkett; Dawson, George Sr.; Deshazor, Martha; Dysart, Charity; Eason, Abner; Edwards, Harvey; Eley, Jesse; Edmundson, Samuel; Fambrough, Thomas; Fears, William ;Figgs, William; Findley, James ;Floyd, Shadrick; Foster, Arthur ;Fouche, Jonas ;Fretwell, William; Fuller, Elijah ;Furlow, David; Garrett, John; Gatlin, James ;Gilliam, Robert; Gooch, Nathan; Greene, Ruthy; Greene, William ;Greer, Thomas; Gresham, Archibald; Grier, Robert; Grimes, Thomas; Gwin, Lucy ;Haralson, Jonathan; Harris, Jordan ;Harris, William ;Hays, Hugh; Heard, Abraham ;Hill, John; Hodge, John; Houghton, Joshua; Houghton, Joshua Sr. ;Houghton, Matthew ;Houghton, Thomas ;Howell, Ann; Hubbard, Thomas ;Hunt, John; Hunter, Elisha ;Jackson, David; Jackson, Jeremiah ;Jenkins, James   more names....

Index to Georgia Wills and Estates

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Railroad Dollars #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy

Railroad Dollars: The Macon and Brunswick Railroad

railroad dollarRailroad Dollar During the 1860s the railroad printed its own dollar as a means of the payment of wages. Male railroad workers were paid between $1 and $5 per day. Immigrants were paid the lowest amount. During 1922 it was reported that the railroads did a large volume of business on a narrow traffic margin.

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Gordon County GA Ancestors #georgiapioneers

Gordon County Genealogy, Wills, Estates

Gordon County

Gordon County was created on Feb. 13, 1850 and was formed formed from portions of Cass (later renamed Bartow) and Floyd counties. All lands that would become Gordon County were originally occupied by the Cherokee Indians. Early Settlers: John Armstrong, John Atchison, John Baugh, W. N. Blalock, William J. Campbell, R. A. Donaldson, John Dobbins, T. M. Ellis, H. T. Ferguson, Frank Ford, Mountain Greason, Samuel Hurt, W. S. Johnson, W. B. Jackson, John King, B. R. Mayes, R. L. Norrell, Wiley Roberts, M. G. Scott, John Sloan, John Taylor, and W. T. Wofford. 

Gordon County Genealogy Resources Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Online Images of Wills 1856 to 1894

Testators: Abbott, Elizabeth;Adcox, Wilson;Akin, homas;Armstrong, John H.; Atherton, Ann;Atkinson, John; Bagwell, Mary;Bailey, Amelia;Ballew, Joshua;Barrett, D. B.; Baxter, Benjamin;Bennett, A. L. ;Black, Zachariah;Blalock, W. H.; Bolding, Benjamin; Borders, Andrew;Borders, Randolph;Boston, G. W.;Bowen, Israel;Bradley, John; Burnett, Agness Terrell;Buckner, J. B.; Burch, William W.;Butler, Absalom;Byram, H. C.;Callaghan, Cornelius;Campbell, Joseph;Campfield, Rebecca;Campfield, Sarah;Campbell, W. J.;Cantrell, James A.;Chastain, John ;Daniel, Tilman;Darnell. A. J.; Dillard, William;Dobbins, John;Durham, Lavina;Dye, Margarett E.;Ferguson, John; Fite, Nancy;Fricks, Michael;Gaines, Elizabeth;Ganaway, Thomas;Garlington, Eliza; Gold, Sterling;Grant, Sarah;Grant, Tams;Gravitt, John;Greason, Mountain;Hall, Thomas;Haynes, John ; Hays, Sarah;Henson, Presley;Hood, R. D., Mrs.;Houk, H. B.;Hunt, Ann J.;Hunt, Samuel;Jackson, Edmund Calaway;Jarrett, William;Jennings, James;Johnson, James; King, William;Kinman, Wesley;Mayfield, Alexander;Miller, Ann;Miller, Jesse;Monroe, Joseph;Moss, James;Moss, Nicholas;Murphree, Modama;Nelson, Thomas S.;Niggins, Margaret;Noblet, John;Phillips, James;Pike, I. M.;Printup, Joseph J.;Putnam, Elias; Reeves, James;Rich, William;Robbins, Jeremiah;Roe, S. H.;Scott, Thomas D.;Scott, William;Sexton, Morgan;Sloan, John;Stagg, James;Strickland, Ephraim;Strickland, Sally; Swain, Jesse;Tabe, Abraham;Taylor, John;Thomas, Elizabeth;Thompson, Matthew;Tweedell, N. E. ;Veal, John;Walker, C. L.;Walker, Wells;Walker, William;Watts, Mary;Wilson, Elizabeth;Wilson, Joseph

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Estates and Wills, Bk A, 1856-1894.
  • Estates and Wills, Bk B, 1894-1931

Index to Georgia Wills and Estates

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